Dear friends,

Through the internet, the most modern means of communication today, we are given the opportunity to communicate, obtain information and be kept up to date with events that take place around the world.

The Community Council of Lofou warmly welcomes you and chooses to take advantage of the internet to communicate with you and inform you on everything that takes place in Lofou.

Through our upgraded and enhanced websites, you will learn everything there is to know about the historical, financial, cultural, developmental and other activities of our Community.

At the same time, you will be able to take a special tour, get to know our beautiful village and be informed on our competitive advantage which is none other than popular architecture, which is characterised by the use of local stone and wood, while you can also learn about the biggest in length and number of residences traditional centre on the island with the narrow cobblestone alleys, our attractions and the on-going agrotourist development. 

We are certain that after taking a virtual tour of the village, you will soon visit our village to enjoy the scenery and our hospitality.


On behalf of the Community Council of Lofou

Nikos Spyrou

President of the Community Council of Lofou