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Lofou is built amphitheatrically on the peak of a hill with an average altimeter of 780 metres. This fact establishes Lofou as an exceptional mountainous resort since it offers a long cool period to its visitors, which lasts from Easter until October.  

A series of projects which have been effectuated in the community have contributed to its development. Some of those projects include the construction of a Community Guesthouse, the paving of the central road artery, the creation of public lavatories within the Community Guesthouse of Lofou and the creation of new car parks.

Additionally, the tourist development of Lofou is aided by the presence of the Apokryfo Hotel, its tourist lodgings Studio Agrovino, “Petrospita Tis Constantias”, Ta Spithkia Tis Stavroullas” and the Community Guesthouse, as well as by the fact that upgraded cultural events such as the 15th of August Festival, the “Feggaros” Festival, the “Palouzes” Celebration and the Easter Games are held in the community. Moreover, development also results from the operation of the Private Folk Museum of Lofou, the Yiannakis Manoli Wood Carving Workshop and the Traditional Products Shop, as well as through the upgrade of the Community Council’s and the Association of Expatriates’ websites.

The road network of Lofou also contributes to the community’s tourist development. In the past few years, access to the village has been improved due to the partial widening of the road leading from Alassa to Lofou. However, the road network is in need of serious improvements in order to significantly contribute to the tourist development of the Community.

Further boost to the community’s tourist development will be achieved by exploiting the Primary School of Lofou. In fact, the Community Council of Lofou has already taken action and managed to receive Government approval for the conversion of the Primary School of Lofou into a Cultural Centre. In addition, there are plans to upgrade both the community parks and the Community Agricultural Museum, as well as plans for the creation of a large car park that will also accommodate coaches at the western entrance of the village.  


Lofou Community Council



 December 2019 


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