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The faucet of Elitji

The faucet of Elitji is located approximately one kilometer northeast of Lofou in the middle of the road towards Sylikou. The faucet owes its name to the homonymous region.  The source that was supplying water the faucet is at the base of a steep mountain. The people of Lofou built a large tank of water in front of the source. The tank is decorated beautifully with big windows, from which the residents of Lofou were getting water. The whole project regarding the construction of the building was completed in 1842. The faucet served the water needs of Lofou residents until 1953, the year in which the British concrete faucets in various parts of the village.  

Today visitors may go to the faucet of Elitji either from the dirt road Lofou – Sylikou, or the walking trail that has been created recently by Lofou Community Council. It is also worth noting that Lofou Community Council has built a few years ago a nice patio in front of the faucet of Elitji, so as to serve the people that visit the faucet or/and enjoy Lofou walking trail. 

Author: Akis Theodorou


 November 2019 


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