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The Olive Oil Press is located northeast of the church of the village and at a distance of approximately 300 metres. It was manufactured in Lemesos in around the end of the 19th century at “I. Kyriakides & Co Engineering workshop and Foundry”. The word “LEMISSOS” is inscribed with upper case letters on the press.

The building is a rectangular stony construction which consists of two rooms. The first room contained all the means necessary for the production of olive-oil (e.g. the press), while the second room was used as a storage room.

Nowadays, various objects from the olive oil press are still preserved. The stony mill is of course preserved, as well as the millstone, the iron presser and some storage utensils. On the corner of the olive oil press one can admire the “niskia”, which was used to boil water. The pole which was used to push the millstone so that it could crush the olives is also salvaged today.

The olive oil press area has already been restored after efforts were made by the previous Community Council. According to the current Community Council’s short-term plan, the olive oil press will be electrified, while a long-term plan aims at placing all the utensils that were used for the production in one room and place the flourmill, another important machinery of the previous century, into the second room. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the olive oil press is still owned by the church of Lofou. The reason for that is that the church bought the olive oil press and the olive mill because it used to own a lot of olive trees. The people who took their olives there used to pay the church of Lofou either by using some of their product or in cash.

Lofou Community Council

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Verbal testimonies from the residents of Lofou


 November 2019 


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