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Ioannis Stavrianos is one of the Cypriot fighters who took part in the 1821 revolution. Following below is some brief information about the fighter of Lofou:

Ioannis Stavrianou was a wealthy merchant from Lofou of the Lemesos district. Born in 1804, he began his education in Lemesos and then, as owner of a merchant ship, he developed a rich trading activity with Egypt. Just before the Greek Revolution began, he was initiated to “Filiki Etaireia” in Alexandria. Upon the beginning of the 1821 fight in Peloponnisos, he sailed to Greece leading a group of Cypriot Fighters which he sponsored himself. In 1825 and having run out of money, he and his comrades enlisted in the regular army. His advanced level of education for the time contributed to his advancement as he was promoted from petty officer to officer. He fought in all the battles that took place around Athens between 1826-27, having Karaiskakis as his leader. He was captured prisoner during the conflicts and was rescued from execution by the leader of the horseback bodyguard of Kutahi Housein Dullas, who set him free at some unknown point.   After he was set free, he settled in Athens and built a career in the forces of the Greek gendarmerie. In 1862, he led the Revolution of Nafplio, which marked the beginning of the end for Otto who was later exiled. Shortly after, he retired and successfully focused on trading again. He died at the age of 83, on March 2nd 1887 and he was buried in the First Cemetery of Athens. 

It must be noted that in 1998, after an initiative taken by the Association of Expatriates of Lofou, the remains of the hero were transferred to his birthplace and placed in an ossuary. Moreover, the hero’s descendants keep several heirlooms which include his military uniform, his weapons, various documents and manuscripts of his memoirs. What is also worth mentioning is that Ioannis Stavrianos is the only Cypriot fighter who has produced his own memoirs. In 1982, the Central Greece Studies Company released the fighter’s autobiography titled “Discourse of my life adventures and collection of objects unknown to the Greek History”. The hero’s autobiography includes a detailed description of the battles of Athens (1826-1927) and the siege of Akropolis, as well as explicit evidence on the death of Georgios Karaiskakis.


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Association of Expatriates of Lofou website: www.salofou.org


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